My Photography Style

My pictures show my style much better than I could ever explain with words. But, since every decent photographer should have his/her style I will try my best... I usually deliver a collection of candid, formal, reportage, posed, group pictures not forgetting about small details and the environment. I think that all of these are necessary to make the story of any wedding complete. Although I like making candid pictures mingling among the guests, as they show real feelings, I also understand the requirement for traditional, posed and formal pictures. Everybody is conscious about their appearance after all the investment and preparation in the look. Posed pictures let to showcase the surroundings and environment of your wedding and to show your outfits in the best light. I will not be too wrong to say that most people still expect wedding group pictures and those all-important family (you probably want this picture with mum and dad), or friend groups! I work together with the couple to make the setting for those creative and meaningful. The amount of formality normally is defined by the couple and is discussed during the consultation. I see every wedding as a story and trying to tell it through my pictures. Any story couldn't be full without small details like the wedding dress, shoes, flowers and environment.

My Equipment

I use only professional equipment from such vendors as Canon, Gloxy, Tamron and, although this is not the key factor of achieving excellent pictures, it definitely helps. All photographs are post processed to ensure they are of the highest possible quality and any prints are professionally printed to the highest quality. I also choose to present some pictures as only black and white or with different effect if I feel that they work best that way, or I may also give you multiple effects on the same picture. Please let me know if you would prefer more pictures with your chosen effect. I don’t normally use automatic conversion and adjust all effects manually, but I can accommodate a request for copies of all pictures in given effect, please let me know if you require this.