My name is Jevgenija (Jev in short) Pigozne and here I have put some background information about me and how I become a wedding photographer.

Jevgenija Pigozne


The decision to marry each other is one of the most important steps in any couple's life. Although each of us has a different understanding of marital relationships, everyone wants his or her marriage to be happy.

Marriage is much more than a legal contract. It is a commitment or promise between two people to faithfully stay with one another through the good times and the bad times. Commitment is a quality of strong, healthy, and enduring marriages and it is key to any intimate, emotionally satisfying and meaningful relationship. Commitment is the glue that holds marriages together when many stress factors try to rip it apart. Neither of us are identical so some of us are ready to make this commitment easily whilst others feel nervous taking on this responsibility.

I remember making my choice many years ago... I felt worried and scared even though I was sure that we were a love-match. It seems funny now after all these years of good and bad, but being honest, I have never regretted my decision. I recall speaking with my future husband about keeping things simple without having a traditional wedding and white dress since there were a lot of other significant things in life we could spend that money on. Only 10 years later, when my oldest daughter who was in her first year at school came home one day asking why we were not married, since she hadn't been at our wedding, I realised that we spent our money wisely. I will never forget her proud face and gleaming eyes while she was turning the pages of our wedding album. It's one of the most cherished moments of my life.

Your Wedding Day

Your wedding is the first milestone on the path of your marriage. While devoting a lot of time, energy and resources to organize the event we forget to enjoy ourselves even at our own wedding. I was told to relax by my friends during my ceremony when I was trying to behave more like an event coordinator than the bride. I could barely recollect everything that happened on the day and for this reason I can only ever agree with Karl Lagerfeld “What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” Pictures are not only a summary of an event or piece of art – they prolong vivid recollection without losing the depth and emotion of the moment. Every time when we look at them it stimulates our memory, compels us to remember and feel the emotions again. It does not let our reminiscence fade. When I have bad days I take out my Wedding Album and look at the pictures to remind myself of why I got married and it always lifts me.

'Relax and try to enjoy'. It's easier to say than to do. My husband and his best man were very frustrated with the photographer at our wedding. He was talented, but I wouldn't call him unintrusive. He was pushing their patience to the limit trying to boss people around rather than working with them. I found these two stressed gentlemen having a discussion with the overbearing photographer due to the affect he was having on our day. I understand the importance of being discreet. I am there to record your memories, not be part of them. I keep in mind that it's your wedding and you want it your way so I always try to be invisible unless my guidance is necessary for staged or group shoots. Being invisible can provide some of the most passionate and emotional memories of the days events, people are more relaxed when they don't notice a camera pointing at them.

My Background

Getting to know the photographer before the big day helps to lessen the tension and avoid unpleasant surprises later. While taking great pictures during the event is expected of a good wedding photographer, the art of maintaining a relaxed environment and giving countenance to the couple is a trait of the great ones. But different strokes for different folks – there's really no accounting for tastes. I will try to describe myself for above reasons...

I am happily married with a Latvian guy since 2002. We have two daughters. I speak Russian, Latvian and English. Beside photography I like to spend time with my family, modern architecture, travelling, reading, skiing, swimming, walking and having a lot of shoes.

Friends say that I am perfectionist. I am not sure, but it's difficult for me to stop doing something until I am completely happy with the result. It doesn't mean that I think that I couldn't do better. I believe that having two or three pairs of shoes matching my outfit when going out is a precaution not a perfectionism. I need high heels to look good, flats when my legs are tired and, yes, it could rain any time in the UK.

It seems that I have a creative personality, because I hear it quite often. From my point of view, the decision to either remove a splash of paint from some soiled fashion riding boots with the help of nail polish remover or to add more splashes to make them funkier and forgot about problem is practicality not creativity.

I would call myself responsible since I don't sleep well if I haven't done something I've promised.

I am chaotic from birth, but years of work in the telecommunication company as a process and system analyst and project manager constrain this native quality within prescribed limits. I like to be organized and plan things in good time since you can't predict everything, and since something unplanned is always happening anyway you need to deal with it without wasting your time on the regular stuff.

As I have a degree in computing I have logical mind. When I speak to somebody I always listen and analyse the information they provide. I am constantly checking if the information is consistent. Sometimes people have one idea in their head but say something completely different towards the end of a conversation. I clear misunderstandings away by asking questions. I believe that both sides should have the same perception of the situation.

Mix of Latvian, Russian and British culture

I am ethnic Russian with Latvian nationality. I was born and raised in Latvia when it was part of Soviet Union. I survived perestroika, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Restoration of Latvian Independence. I have been living in the UK since 2002, most of the time in Reading, Berkshire. I had no choice but to be multicultural, adaptive and flexible. I had and have friends of different nationalities and faiths. Since Russian culture has a European body, but Asian soul I feel extremely comfortable at any ceremony. My Russian temper was refined with Latvian reasonableness and British diplomacy.

Becoming Photographer

I have a degree in computing, a diploma in management and work experience in a telecommunication company. I didn't want or dream to be a photographer in my childhood as my family had down to earth values. I couldn't even tell that it was love at first sight when my husband, tired from my creativity, bought me my first SLR film camera many years ago. But soon after I realised that I am driven to take pictures. It could be a so-called passion for photography, but I think it's more a way of life. The camera makes the world more clear and understandable for me. I started as travel and general photographer, but after some time I understood that I have a prowess for dealing with people. So about 10 years into my photographer career I became a wedding photographer and have now enjoyed it for almost 5 years. Weddings are an extremely intense event filled with emotional instants. I like catching these moments and freezing them for eternity.

It is probably a bit more about me than you really wanted to know, but it provides important insights into my personality helping to make your decision.

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Jevgenija Pigozne