Brides. What Not to Wear. Thoughts of a Wedding Photographer. Part 2.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue…

I love some traditions and understand superstitions, but why, on earth, should it be blue underwear?

If you can't spot it looking in the mirror, it doesn't mean that nobody can see it. The bride's face isn't the only feature illuminated by camera flash giving the nice sparkle in the eyes. It shines through delicate silk, lace or other textile spotlighting your believes in an undesirable way. If the blue thing, definitely, must be under your gown, make sure that it's not seen by others in bright light condition unless it's your wished for effect. Go for sapphires if unsure.

The same about more passionate brides loving red or black.

Red riding hood aftertale other way around

'But, Mrs. Photographer, what big arms I have!' she said. 'All the better to hug your groom, my dear.' 'Oh! but, Mrs. Photographer, what a terrible big waist I have!' And scarcely had the bride said this, than with one bound she swallowed up Mrs. Photographer.

I have curvy figure with nice waist, but biggish arms. I think that my legs could be longer and slimmer and my face too round. There are a lot of things I hate about myself, but I need to survive with that. I accepted my short legs in my early twenties when a very picky man fell in love with me because of my legs. I can live with my size after I got gastritis trying to starve myself to get the desirable body after second pregnancy. I am fine with my features after my parents died because I can see them, at least, looking in the mirror. I am grateful for the life they gave to me. BUT...

If I really care about looking good somewhere I will NEVER put on mini, I will cover my arms and make my hair to have less round face. I will do this because I think I have a problem, not because I have or don't have a problem. I want to feel safe, comfortable and beautiful. I wish to enjoy the event without imagining why these girls are giggling because of my ludicrous look or funny joke. Sometimes it's just not my dress although everybody likes my appearance. Not your dress – change the dress, it's your wedding, it's your feelings, it's your look. Ideally, you should be happy and people you trust should be pleased.

Every good photographer will try to do everything to make you look good on pictures. It's much easier when bride is doing her homework. It's not always possible to stage models and shoot from the right angle, especially during the ceremony. We can't photoshop every picture with mortadella effect since it's extremely time consuming. It takes much more time editing pictures when shooting them just to do basic adjustments.

Despite our best intentions, we do, sometimes, have different perception of you. We try to achieve the balance between your and our understanding of beauty to take the picture that we both like.

I will be glad if you will find this piece of writing helpful.