Brides. What Not to Wear. Thoughts of a Wedding Photographer. Part 1.

Every unmarried woman dreamed or thought about her wedding at least once in her life time. Surprisingly, at some point, some of us know better how, where and when they would like to be married than who is going to be the chosen one at this big event.

I have heard many times from prospective husbands and loving parents: Ask her, she knows better..., It's not up to me to decide.., We wish her to be happy..., I prefer her to stay calm..., It's her way or highway... or even I am dead... Out of love, loyalty or fear, nobody risks to confront or argue with the bride in pursuit of her dreams. Chasing a fairy tale we often forgot about reality. It's easy to say be wise, but it's much more difficult not to cross a line arranging the event of you life. Generally, couples are careful dealing with finances or, at least, they suspect or are well aware of their misdoings since money is a tangible value. Appearances are a different matter. Sometimes, shadowing your ideal look from your fantasy world can lead to disaster because our perception of ourselves and things around us in many instances differs from actual existence. British cultural conspiracy of not hurting feelings doesn't involve anything besides compliments seeing a bride. As a wedding photographer who cares I am trying to achieve the best possible results that often depend on a bride's appearance. I need to deal with what I have without any influence on that. This writing is my try to make my job to take pictures of beautiful brides from your fantasies easier. It's about common sense, not about your weight, size, age, big nose or more than average sized feet. It's not even about your style.

This is a list of common undesirable effects and some easy remedies to avoid them.

Mortadella effect.

Have you ever seen this huge traditional Italian sausage tied with cord? Would you like to be associated with charcuterie meat at your wedding day? Don't think so. How to avoid this?

Think about your undergarments and dress as a set. I am pretty sure that buying intimate things every bride imagines her man reaction to the combination of physique and beauty. But... Intimate things are called intimate not without a reason. Some things should stay between you and your partner. Nobody enjoys seeing outlines of your underwear deforming clean lines of your nearly perfect body. Nobody needs to know the size and shape of your lingerie. Even if you are extremely skinny you can ruin your look by choosing wrong underclothing.

To escape the misfortune you can either change your dress or unmentionables if they don't work together. There are a lot of exquisite seamless underwear for happy-with-your-body brides and delicate shapewear for not-so-happy brides. You can buy the special set for the special night separately and feel safe and comfortable during the day and desirable at night.

50 Shades of White.

Ecru, champagne, snow, linen, eggshell, ivory, vanilla, beige, cream, bone, old lace, flax, seashell, dutch white, cornsilk, parchment, rice, coconut, pearl, alabaster … These are some colours from a huge list of shades of white. Although they differ only slightly from pure white mixed and matched together without precaution they could easily destroy your appearance. Bride wearing champagne dress in vanilla shoes with coconut bridal veil sounds delicious, but looks suspicious. Despite our understanding of colour theory we all do that because our perception of colour could be tampered by environment lighting. Things looking like having one colour inside could look differently outside or under the flash. Don't just believe your eyes or labels – Check. From my experience real champagne palette is less extensive than champagne textile variations.

To be continued...