Seeing a bride for the first time at wedding for groom, parents, friends, colleges and acquaintances is a minute of either aesthetic pleasure or surprise. Being opportunistic I will try to draw your attention to most frequent make-up flaws I have seen that can be avoided.

Oompla Loompa effect

As a photographer I understand and endorse a wish to have natural golden glow to your skin at your important day. Firstly, not everybody has perfect skin and tan is an excellent concealer. Secondly, well-tanned skin looks great against any white bridal gown. I mean glow, not orange blow. Although we want to achieve a divine appearance I doubt that alien-like demeanour is our objective. It's true to say, try before you buy, when we speak about fake tan. It's seems obvious rule, but our endeavour to perfect ourselves before important events very often leads us to unreasonable experiments. Unfortunately, catching fake tan is similar to catching a flu. You will need some time to return to your original state. It's easier to dye your hair green or buy a wig and change the theme of your wedding to Roald Dahl's one than get rid off tanning disaster.

To be or not to be - Falsies

Using false lashes is extremely popular nowadays. It's always better to consult your make-up artist about possibilities, effects and consequences. In case if you don't feel like you are blessed with naturally thick and long eyelashes and decide to have ones, please, ensure that you or your make-up artist cover false eyelash band with a fresh coat of eyeliner. Everybody is worried about revealing the truth by discovering falsies dangling midway at an event forgetting to check their initial state. Unsightly border of uncovered band is most frequent overlook I have seen. It's not only clearly seen on every close-up picture, but could be discovered by naked eye. From my experience, individual eyelashes looks more natural than a whole long lash strip.